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Date: 2004-01-21 22:45:15 UTC
Subject: kakarot won't eat dry food
Message-ID: <>

my 1 year old ferret, kakarot, will no longer eat dry food. several months=
ago, i had some postings here concerning him and his weight loss. he had =
gone from weighing 3lbs to weighing only 1. my vet did every test in the b=
ook and even had kakarot go see a cardiologist in case he had an enlarged h=
eart. after having him on duck soup for several weeks, my vet suggested we=
tting his food to see if he'd eat it on his own. lo and behold, he did. h=
e is doing great now, and is back to normal, playing more vigorously than e=
ver with my other ferret. however, he absolutely refuses to eat his food d=
ry. once i ran out of food and fogot to swing by the pet store after work =
that day to get more. i went the next day and bought more food. i figured=
i would see if he would eat it dry if he was really hungry. i put the foo=
d in the cage, and both of them stuck their noses in it for a bit, smelling=
it and whatnot. odo (the other ferret) began to eat, but kakarot went bac=
k up to his hamock and laid down. i put some water in the food, and kakaro=
t came back and ate vigorously. i had thought that maybe he had a tooth ac=
he or sore throat and the dry food irritated it. however, when offered (or=
not offered) a tortilla chip, he jumps for it, and will eat it with no com=
plaints. i have to re-wet the food 2-3 times a day, because once it gets t=
o a certain point of dryness, he won't eat it. any ideas on how to get him=
back on dry food, or why he won't eat it? thanks.

n i k i