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From: <>
Date: 2004-01-22 00:45:12 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] protecting remaining kidney, lymphoma and bi-lat questions
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Hi, Karen, and everyone else,
> 1. Should Blaze be eating a lower protein diet now that he only has
> one kidney?

Actually, our vet had us do just the opposite with Pertwee. So long as the
remaining kidney is healthy there should be no problem. FWIW, in humans...
my father was born with just one kidney and lived a normal life. I don't
expect it to be different with ferrets.
> 4. Concerning his florinif (sp), is it usual for an adjustment time
> when the dosage will go up then back down to where it was before? He
> started on .15, potassium was high so the dose was raised to .20. His
> postassium went to low so we went back to .15. Both times he was just
> barely over or under the normal values. Will this go back and forth
> for awhile and level out or should we try for .175?

You probably will end up with a middle value. However, changes in body
weight could mean that he needs more or less, as will changes in the dosage
of prednisone/pediapred. Our vet will likely adjust the meds based on what
electrolyte readings he is getting. Until everything is stable and in
balance some up and down is pretty normal. At least that was our experience
with Ryo-Ohki and Pertwee. If I remember right the pediapred dosage and
concentration were both increased when it was discovered that your fert has
insulinoma and lymphoma.
> 5. What symptoms should I be looking for concerning his lymphoma and
> are there any that differ from the adrenal or kidney situation?

You've read my posts about Ker Avon. If the lymphoma goes into his spinal
cord he'll experience paralysis like Avon did. Our vet has another ferret
in his care with a definite case of lymphoma who just started having the
same problems Avon did. If that happens the prognosis stinks.

All the best,
Caity and the super seven

p.s.: Karen's ferrets see the same vet mine do, which is why "our" is used
all over the place.