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Date: 2004-01-23 02:26:04 UTC
Subject: RE: Fiefal-- tick bite??
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Dear Christina:

Does Fiefal go outside - the chance of a tick in the house is relatively low, and usually you would see it. In my experience, I wouldn't rule out a growth too fast, especially one that looks like a blood clot. Usually skin growths of this type are benign, but let's keep an eye on it.

With kindeest regards,

Bruce Williams, dVM

Author wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> Have a question about my baby "Fiefal"- he's got a mark on his nose looks
> purple in color almost like a very small blood clot noticed it about 2-3 wks ago.
> At first i thought it was a cat scratch but then couldn't be sure so took him
> to the vet. The first vet who was a fill in for my standing vet said it was a
> scratch or a growth--i asked her if it could be a tick bite and she said
> "no"- but to keep and i on it in case it was a growth. I was not at ease with her
> advice so took him back to my standing vet and he said it was a tick
> bite---not to worry that it was the head of the tick enlodged and that it would
> disappear on its own but it would take awhile..he said he had seen alot of ferrets
> with tick infestations and never heard of a ferret contracting lyme disease. I
> am still concerned does anybody have any similar experiences or can one of the
> vets comment as well.
> Thanks,
> Christina

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