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Date: 2004-01-25 01:32:49 UTC
Subject: Raja snezzing, bleeding anus, injection's wound
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Hi everybody

Raja is okay. She is now with 1 ml of Prednisone every 24 hours (isn't too much?) that tastes like peanut butter :-) and 0,05 ml of phenobarbital every 12 hours.

After the first dose of pred, she was quite active.
The problem is she gets wounds on her skin because of so many injections (even if we always change the place).

Her anus is quite red and bleeding but not swollen and I believe she does not have a prolapsed rectum.

And because we give her a bath everyday(because she always wakes up dirt of poops), I think she got a cold. She sounds like her nose is blocked and I saw today that her nose was running.

For the anus, we put baby cream, but she licks it (is it a problem?)is there any other thing I can do ?

I would be very thankful for any idea !

Greetings, Paty, Pikku and Raja

P.S she starts eating again dry food!!!!