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Date: 2004-01-25 17:40:51 UTC
Subject: RE: Anemia-Advice Needed Urgently
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Hopefully a vet will chime in here, but I don't see where an iron supplement will hurt. As to whether or not it's enough it's enough if she's that anemic seems unlikely. Without knowing her PCV, I think it's hard to say if she should be transfused. If I recall correctly, according to "Ferrets, Rabbits and Rodents..." a PCV around 15% or below is time for a transfusion.

Our Spaz had a PCV of 20% when he was in renal failure and while he was somewhat pale, he wasn't drastically so.


Author wrote:
> Will there be any value in feeding her food such as liver, iron enriched tonic and so on if her anemia is caused by bone marrow suppression? Is there anything else I could do while we continue a search for a vet? Would a blood transfusion be the the only way to go at this stage.