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From: "S. Hewett"
Date: 2004-01-25 21:51:06 UTC
Subject: Anemia
To: <>
Cc: "Steve Austin" <>
Message-ID: <004601c3e38d$77feff80$ae56ddcb@smhewett>

Thank you, Patty, for your response.

It is now 5.30 am here and the little girl is still with us.

She has taken some cream and nutripet (hi cal vit supplement) and water but=
nothing else. She has bleeding under her skin, so in desperation I have a=
lso given her 0.25mg prednisolone. She acts repulsed by everything else I h=
ave concocted for her and in her weakened state, I don't want to force feed=
her. It may be wishful thinking, but she seems a little brighter this mor=
ning, but still deathly pale.

When the hour is a little more reasonable, I will try to find a vet again. =
I have 43 ferrets currently in residence, including some huge boofy boys, =
so she has no end of suitable blood donors.

Thanks again,