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Date: 2004-01-25 22:25:03 UTC
Subject: Kodo's Insulinoma
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Kodo weighs about 1.1 lbs and is 3 years old (will be 4 in April). Apparen=
tly, from what I've read, he is considered a small ferret. But my little g=
irl weighs less than a lb. I had to take him to the vet Sat. morning becau=
se he was practically unresponsive. About an hour earlier, I had given him=
his Pred and feed him some Gerber Chicken. Anyway, it really scared me so=
I took him in. He didn't even move on the way over there. However, once =
we got there, he became animated again and the vet couldn't even hold him. =
We were both so confused that she kept him until this afternoon. She said=
that until she could see him in this "stupor" he gets in, she can't unders=
tand what I'm talking about. She loves ferrets so much (she has three of h=
er own) that she took him to her house and watched him! I called last nigh=
t to see how he was and she said that he had been acting fine the whole tim=
e! She said it might be because he is in a new place though. When I calle=
d again this afternoon, she said that he was up and investigating things. =
I asked her if she had given him his medicine and she said no. He never on=
ce went into one of his lethargic staring episodes! So she didn't check hi=
s glucose levels the whole time. I would have like for her to check it tho=
ugh, just to see if he was acting okay because he was in a new place. So I=
went to pick him up, and she said that if he shows any signs tonight, that=
I should bring him in in the morning so she could check his levels. So th=
at is where we stand right now. Kodo came home and immediately went to his=
food bin and ate (a lot)! He was still making that grinding noise though.=
Is that a sign that he is nauseated? I've been wondering about that. My=
little girl has never made that noise when she ate. Right now, I'm wonder=
ing if his Pred was making him sick or if it could have any sort of effect =
like that on him? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks, Haley and Kodo