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Date: 2004-01-27 01:56:22 UTC
Subject: Raja : new pictures !
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Dr. Sue... last week you posted about treating mast cell tumors and mentioned cortisone cream and triple antibiotic cream. I have a very ill rescue that's been diagnosed with insulinoma as well. I would like to try the creams... but, at what frequency? Can they be mixed? Is there any danger if she licks it?

She also has had diarrhea for the past week and today they've become liquid and dark w/no bowel control. She has very little appetite and I'm trying feed her duck soup w/pedialyte. Could the diarrhea be related to any other problems she currently has?

Any help would be most appreciated... Thanks so much!




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I added 2 new pictures of Raja. The first is about the wound she has because of the injections and the second is about her anus that is always bleeding.

Any idea about how to treat that, will be extremelly welcome !

Thanks !

Paty, Pikku and Raja

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