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Date: 2004-01-27 22:28:45 UTC
Subject: RE: what causes adrenal disease?
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There are past mails from a number of vets and others about about possible hypotheses on adrenal disease, and there are way more on ways to treat it: surgical variations, medications, etc.

The FHL archives is a treasure trove of such mails:

It may be that too much light could be a problem, that having at least 14 hours of real darkness (not just dimness) might decrease rates or make the problem less likley to happen early. The body produces melatonin when light is removed and that may be a bodily product which helps.

Other hypotheses exist.

Because the rates seem to be lower in ferrets who have not been neutered it may be that neutering may increase rates, but nothing, including that, seems to work alone, by any means. BTW, Not neutering has its own health risks, so it boils down to learning how to treat this effectively, which is something a number of vets are very used to doing.