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Date: 2004-01-29 04:13:28 UTC
Subject: Sick ferret-40% weight loss please help!
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Hello everyone, This is my first post. I have 2 ferrets, Oscar and Cookie
Monster. We noticed on Friday that Cookie's weight was down about 40% and
Oscar had gained a great deal of weight. I took both ferrets to the vet on
Saturday. They said Oscar had a slightly enlarged spleen but otherwise looked
ok. Poor Cookie is just skin and bones and very dehydrated. Unfortunaley they
didn't know what was wrong with Cookie. His symptons are weight lss, not
eating or drinking very lethargic (probably due to not eating/drinking) and a
pronounced weakening of his hind legs. No hair loss but he does have some

Unfortunatley they wanted $480 for a complete exam and to run an IV. I just
don't have that kind of money. They wanted $90 just for a test for Aleutiun
disease. Since it is fatal I just couldn't justify the cost of a test that would just
say he was dying.

Can anyone please suggest how to nurse him? I am feeding him a mix of
Pedialyte and Ensure (1:3 ratio). It's the only thing I can get him to eat. I have
tried syringing water in his mouth he just spits it out. I am at a loss as to what
to do. Can anyone help?

mom to Oscar and a very sick Cookie

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The poster sent two posts and the content does differ a bit so the other post is
attached for a additional information.]

Second post:

This is my first post and I am desperate for help. This past Friday we noticed
that our smallest ferret (3.5 YO) had lost about 40% of his body weight. We took
him to a vet but unfortunatley they wanted $480 for a complete exam and an
IV/inpatient stay. WE just don't have that kind of money.

He won't eat any food or water, only a mix of 3to1 Ensure and Pedialyte. we
tried chicken baby food but he will only take 1 or 2 licks then stop. His back
legs are starting to fail and he has diaherra (sp).

Any suggestions. We have another ferret who seems just fine- eating normally
(has actually gained weight).

He seemed to be doing better Sun and Mon but has gone back down hill the
last 2 days. Any help would be greatly appreciated:)

Mara Edenfield

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