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Date: 2004-01-28 23:13:00 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Sick ferret-40% weight loss please help!
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First, where are you located?

Second, try a different vet.

Thirdly, Aleutin's disease is not immediately fatal. Many ferrtes live with it for an entrie, normal lifespan. Reseach is available on ADV, and it would be a good idea for you to get more information.

Fourth, ADV tests can be done at home for $10 from United or $12 for the ELISA Avecon test. The Quik test isn;t as accurate form Avecon, but it might give you peace of mind.

I would look at: adrenal, insulomia, partial blockage, etc. before blaming this on ADV. At his age, I would bet adrenal and/or insulomia. Bith fit the symptoms you describe, though the hind leg weakness could be caused from dehydration and lack of nutrition.

You need to go to a vet. A vet that will run a glucose test (This can be done at home too, with a hand held machine for diabetes testing). This is the first thig I would have checked.

Ensure will cause dunny stools, and you would be better of with baby chicken food, Bob Church's Chicken Gravy, and/or AD mixed with pedialyte and Nutrical.

Dehydration is very serious. It can cause organ damage. Your ferret needs fluids (sub-Q or IV) and blood work done. Most of the time, this will be under $150-200 at a normal vet. DO the ADV testing at home and save money, but that is not the major issue here, the major issue is that your ferret needs immediate care and some tests run. The first being the blood glucose.

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> ok. Poor Cookie is just skin and bones and very dehydrated.
> Unfortunaley they
> didn't know what was wrong with Cookie. His symptons are weight
> lss, not
> eating or drinking very lethargic (probably due to not
> eating/drinking) and a
> pronounced weakening of his hind legs. No hair loss but he does
> have some
> diaherea.
> Unfortunatley they wanted $480 for a complete exam and to run an
> IV. I just
> don't have that kind of money. They wanted $90 just for a test for
> Aleutiundisease. Since it is fatal I just couldn't justify the
> cost of a test that would just
> say he was dying.