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Date: 2004-01-30 01:38:51 UTC
Subject: Snoova - Bone Marrow Transplant?
Message-ID: <>

Apparently, Snoova is not out of the woods just yet.

Background information: Snoova had spleen issues in September (spleen grew=
to enormous size, and was removed along with a left adrenal and a lymph no=
de.) Tissue from the spleen and lymph node were supplied for a histograph,=
which came back inconclusive. Everything appeared fine, until an anemic e=
pisode (hematocrit was around 8) two weeks ago. Endoscopy found ulcers, he=
licobacter was suspected. He was put on Biaxin (unsure of concentration), =
Amoxicillin (50mg/15ml), and Prilosec (.6cc of 1/4 tablet crushed in 2cc of=
strawberry daquiri mix). Snoova was regaining weight, was happy, eating a=
nd eliminating normally. Imagine my surprise when I get a call from the ve=
t's office asking me to bring him in for an additional hematocrit check ASA=
P. During the anemic episode two weeks ago, they also did a bone marrow as=
pirate. Results of the aspirate indicate the the bone marrow is shutting d=
own. So, in went Snoova (and his "brother" Loki) so that we could check Sn=
oova's hematocrit again. (today - 13). Instead of multiple transfusions i=
ndefinately, Dr. wanted to do a bone marrow transplant. It was described a=
s Snoova's "best chance" for recovery, and risk to Loki (healthy ferret) wa=
s minimal. We agreed, and now have two ferrets at home in recovery. Actua=
lly, only Snoova is in recovery, Loki couldn't care less (keeping an eye on=
him, but nothing else.) Dr. has requested fecal collection (dates and tim=
es) for the next 48 hours. Unless Snoova decides otherwise, we only need t=
o bring the fecal samples on Saturday for our scheduled re-check. Dr. is n=
ow interested in this from a scientific perspective, which my bank account =
greatly appreciates. =

I guess I'm really just trying to get a handle on everything that's happene=
d. Any thoughts, comments, or suggestions? I can provide additional detai=
ls, if requested, after I see the vet on Saturday. Any questions I should =
be asking?

Thanks in advance,