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Date: 2004-01-30 18:12:15 UTC
Subject: RE: Kodo''''s Insulinoma
Message-ID: <>

When Kodo eats, it looks like it is painful for him. His eyes squint and he will
make the "chomping" noise. After he will rub his mouth against the floor for
about a minute. I make sure he eats some of his food after I give him the Pred
so it won't hurt his tummy. His stool is looking okay though. I've been
watching it for a while now. How should I go about asking my doctor if
exploratory surgery would be best? Until then, is there any sort of medicine I
could give him if it is an ulcer?

Author wrote:
> Could Kodo be dealing with a gastric ulcer? Are there any occurances of very
dark or tarry stools? Look at a ferret wrong and they get an ulcer, so I wonder
if that could be part of the problem here.
> Are you feeding him only chicken baby food or that in addition to his kibble?
Maybe it would be beneficial to stick with just baby food. It's bland and easy on