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From: "Roger Vaughn"
Date: 2004-01-30 21:10:20 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] How do you know when it's time to let go
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Unfortunately, no one can answer that for you. It's different for
every ferret and every ferret owner. I have to agree with your vet -
at some point you won't have any question left and you'll just know.
You're at the difficult point right now where you *don't* know, but
wonder if he'll get better or worse. If you can't decide, now is
probably not the time.

Have you talked to your vet about this recent development? He or she
may be able to do a little bit to help Taz feel better. Perhaps more
pred, or more diuretic, or whatever Taz's particular needs are at the

My suggestions are - watch to see if Taz is in any pain, and look him
in the eyes. If he's in pain, or if his pain is worsening and you
can't relieve it, it may be time to let go. But looking in his eyes
will probably tell you the most. Does he still have a lively spark to
them, or is he looking tired and worn out? You should be able to tell
when he has given up on himself by the look in his eyes.

Taz might even make the decision for himself before you have to help him.

This is the worst part of ferret ownership. I'm sorry you're having
to deal with this now. But, trust your vet on this. You'll know when
it's his time.