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Date: 2004-01-31 01:45:56 UTC
Subject: RE: How do you know when it''s time to let go
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I wanted to let everyone know it was time for Taz to go today. My husband c=
alled me at work and told me Taz was acting funny and I needed to see him. =
I called my vet he was out on an emergency. So I made an appointment to see=
one of the other less knowledgeable with ferret vets, before I left my off=
ice to go home. When I got home my husband was sitting holding him in a tow=
el He was very cold. My husband said when he got home from work he heard Ta=
z at the bottom of the cage and he went to check on him Taz was sitting at =
the bottom of the cage just looking up at the sky his head was tilted very =
far back in an abnormal position. He did this one other time after I got ho=
me I sat with him for about 15min and headed over to the vets office. When=
I took him out of his towel his belly was all purple and red along with hi=
s hind feet. The vet took one look at him and said she was glad I brought =
him in. she said because of his liver cancer Taz was bleeding under his ski=
n She also told me that in a few hours he would have started to bleed in to=
his lungs and would have drown. I am so glad my husband was home. I think=
that would have been a horrible way to die. I also talked to the vet about=
the way he was standing when my husband found him she said she didn't know=
about ferrets but in dogs & cats it usually ment they are in some pain and=
the brain is just not working right. Does anyone know what the stance was =
all about. Does it mean the same thing in ferrets? Anyway Taz was put to sl=
eep this after noon Our family will miss him very much but he will be with =
his litter mate that he misses very much Washu died about 2 weeks ago and T=
az just hasn't been the same. Thank you all for your thoughts it ment a lot=
to me =