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Date: 2004-01-31 06:23:15 UTC
Subject: It will stop...Patience
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About twomonths ago I was given a ferret by a pet store. They had tagged him Jaws.

He would tear into us every chance he got. And he drew blood. And I have a few scars. But one thing I never did (okay, almost never) was scream or pull away.

I was also his last chance. His name is now Tyson (T-man for short). He nips now. He's learning. I do not scruff him, nor do I slap, nose flick, but I ignore.

I also do not reward him with a treat when he tries to take a finger with it. We use to have Tyson tamers. TREATS ON A TOOTHPICK. Now, he takes from hands.

Cage cleaning is the hardest. More bloody bites occured there than anywhere. TERRITORY! His bloody bites are now nips. He nips, I talk firmly, and say no bite and then say his name. He pouts like a kid.

I can't pick him up without gloves YET, but he is learning that hands are good things.

Isn't there a time of day you can let him out without the kids? But my personal feeling is that all members of the family are HIS family. Have the kids pick him up with gloves on and pet his head and give him a treat and then put him right back down. Being afraid is like saying attack me! You know it, and he knows it...FEAR=FERRET FUN!

Don't give up on him. My Tyson isn't ready for cuddles, but he is content to lie by my feet, even if its for a treat. He is learning patience. But please, with a fert like him, never slap, flick, or scream. A firm no bite, and A SHORT SCRUFFING works.

Depending on where you are, I would take a biting ferret. Before you ever put him down, e-mail me.



Author wrote:
> Here is what is going on with Gomez. I hope someone here can help me figure
> out how to handle this or help him as I know I am his last chance for a
> forever home. I really dont want to have to give him up.
> History unknown prior to me adopting him on Dec 4th with his cagemate Fester.
> The first time i held him he did bite but did not break skin so I thought I
> would be able to handle it. He is also deaf. He seemed to be getting better
> and let me hold him and did not bite like he did when i first got him. I can
> feed him from my hands no problem as long as it is treats more so raisins.
> Since going to the vets 2 weeks ago he has gottne into agressive biting again.
> He bites and will not let go until i pry his jaws open. He will follow me
> around the room until he can get a clear shot of skin and then latch on and
> thrash his head side to side. Once I get him unclamped from my body I scruff him
> and he shakes like he is scared to death. He does not do this when I scruff to
> do ears.
> I really need some help on getting him better. I really feel bad for him.
> And now on top of him I have to nip train a kit so my poor arms are looking
> really bad....LOL I also wont let him out of the cage if i am not in the room
> since my kids play with the other ferrets. Any help would be appreacated.
> I have used leather gloves with him the last few days since i really value my
> hands and i need to keep touching him to let him know that i am a safe mommy
> and wont hurt him. I also have near me cotton swabs with bitter apple on them
> to touch any of their tongues if they bite(only have the 2 biters the other 4
> dont bite anymore other then the occational nip during play).
> Buffy