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From: "Chris Lloyd"
Date: 2004-01-31 07:48:50 UTC
Subject: RE: [ferrethealth] 14 hours of darkness? (Adrenal)
To: <>
Message-ID: <008101c3e7ce$aaef3af0$0a00000a@ramond>

> And how in the world can hammocks and other ferret beds cause harm as
As they have a dark place to retreat to? <

The will not as long as they are in a completely dark area but it has to
be black not just a dark corner. Some people consider the light from
VCRs and clocks too much. This is not a new idea, it was taught to me 50
years ago by ferreters' whose families have kept ferrets for 100s of
Ferrets just used to be kept in barrels but when wire mesh became
available cages were made. Firstly with no dark area and ferrets had
health problems, then somebody found their health improved with enclosed
sleeping areas. I think it is the disturbed sleeping which causes stress
and some ferrets seem to susceptible to stress. Chris

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