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From: "Sue Liszewski"
Date: 2004-01-31 21:38:32 UTC
Subject: RE: [ferrethealth] Jan. 31 update on JoJo
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The Purina Kitten Chow has a lot of fillers and is not a good choice. If
you need to try kitten food for now look into all the premium foods instead.
One of my clients uses I think on of the Purina Pro Plan's as part of a
good mix of other foods and it certainly would be a better choice the kitten
chow. I think you need a good quality higher protein but lower carbs (which
they don't list on the label) so look for more MEAT as first ingredient (not
the meat by products) and the carb sources like wheat, barley, corn, etc
lower on the list. There are some sources you can search online too if you
need to order something and also al list of comparisons of foods for
ferrets. Good Luck and keep us posted.

Dr. Sue

>From: Marian Wilson <>
>To: Ferret Health <>, CarpetSharksInk
><>, Ferret FML
>Subject: [ferrethealth] Jan. 31 update on JoJo
>Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2004 10:12:14 -0800 (PST)
>We still aren't positive what has been going on, but I have my suspicions.
>I have been forwarding ALL information to my vet. From what I understand
>he has posted on a medical group that he's in too. (I like the fact that
>he's willing to ask for help.)
>TODAY and since yesterday afternoon...JoJo seems to be getting much better!
> He is eating, drinking, and his poopy is back to normal. He no longer
>has the "head tilt", but he still wobbles a little when he tries to get up
>and for a few seconds after that. After that, he seems almost normal. He
>got up to play yesterday and managed to stay up for about 10 minutes. He's
>been up several times today to play. He still isn't playing with the other
>ferrets, and when he does I need to monitor it closely since I have a bully
>in the midst. He is playing alone though. He loves his crinkly sack.
>I am keeping him in a seperate cage at night because I'm afraid of what the
>"bully" might do. This will continue until he is strong enough and I feel
>confident enough that he can make it with the others.
>We have been searching for a food that he likes that is high enough in
>crude protein. Hopefully there aren't any objections (but if there are, I
>NEED to know). Mom was shopping this morning and found that "Purina Kitten
>Chow" has 40% crude protein. I read in a post (don't remember where) that
>it shouldn't have too much wheat protein. How do I tell? This has
>"wheat flour" listed 8th on the list of ingredients, but it doesn't give a
>percentage. By the way, JoJo loves it and is eating more than he did
>yesterday...yesterday he was eating like he hadn't eaten in a week (which
>is basically true).
>Many thanks go out to everyone for all of your help. I will send out
>personal thank-you's after JoJo is "out of the woods."
>Marian Wilson/Anglin
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