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From: "Sue Liszewski"
Date: 2004-01-31 18:12:14 UTC
Subject: Jan. 31 update on JoJo
Message-ID: <>

If it is Nasal Adenocarcinoma yes it is eventually fatal, but I have used a
medication in dogs and cats that can help shrink the tumor, does not work in
all cases but has been very promising in many.

Yes give her antibiotics until you know it helps with secondary infections.

The longer a fungal infection goes the more likely you are to not get total
resolution of signs, problem is with fungal infections cortisone may be
contraindicated which puts us in a hard place. It is treatable but it takes
a long treatment course, Some do well and some don't. I am not sure haw
many documented ferret cases there are but this is something that any one
can get even people but it is not directly contagious it must be picked up
from the same source be in soil or in addition bird droppings for crypto. I
am currently treating 2 cats for this and both are doing well. One had been
a cortisone for a long time before diagnosis but we discontinued when we got
the results back.

Biopsy can diagnose both of the above in one shot, provided good samples are
taken. I don't know if you recall but it is one of the things mentioned a
long tome back.

Hope this helps and talk to you soon.

Dr. Sue

>Subject: RE: [ferrethealth] Raja mouth open breathing. Emergency ?
>Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2004 18:37:53 +0000 (GMT)
>Thanks for your always prompt reply. I own you a lots of consultation fees
>If she has nasal adenocarcinoma, is it life dangerous ? or can be treated
>surgery or medicines?
>Can I give her Baytril till I get a vet consultation ?
>How dangerous is that fungal infection caused by cryptococcosis ?
>Could also be heart problem ?
>Thanks for your or everybody help!
>Paty, Pikku and Raja
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From: Marian Wilson <>
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We still aren't positive what has been going on, but I have my suspicions. I have been forwarding ALL information to my vet. From what I understand he has posted on a medical group that he's in too. (I like the fact that he's willing to ask for help.)

TODAY and since yesterday afternoon...JoJo seems to be getting much better! He is eating, drinking, and his poopy is back to normal. He no longer has the "head tilt", but he still wobbles a little when he tries to get up and for a few seconds after that. After that, he seems almost normal. He got up to play yesterday and managed to stay up for about 10 minutes. He's been up several times today to play. He still isn't playing with the other ferrets, and when he does I need to monitor it closely since I have a bully in the midst. He is playing alone though. He loves his crinkly sack.

I am keeping him in a seperate cage at night because I'm afraid of what the "bully" might do. This will continue until he is strong enough and I feel confident enough that he can make it with the others.

We have been searching for a food that he likes that is high enough in crude protein. Hopefully there aren't any objections (but if there are, I NEED to know). Mom was shopping this morning and found that "Purina Kitten Chow" has 40% crude protein. I read in a post (don't remember where) that it shouldn't have too much wheat protein. How do I tell? This has "wheat flour" listed 8th on the list of ingredients, but it doesn't give a percentage. By the way, JoJo loves it and is eating more than he did yesterday...yesterday he was eating like he hadn't eaten in a week (which is basically true).

Many thanks go out to everyone for all of your help. I will send out personal thank-you's after JoJo is "out of the woods."

Marian Wilson/Anglin