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Date: 2004-02-11 16:37:23 UTC
Subject: RE: swollen vulva - back from the vet - advice please
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> Author wrote:
> > Any and all thoughts here would be appreciated.
> Find another vet. He doesn't sound knowledgeable at all.
> mike

Hi Mike and all others,
Yes, I know, I need someone else. It's called being between a rock and a hard place here.

There are two basic problems. First, ferrets are still unusual pets here in Germany, so the vets are not as experienced. Our vet has treated about 8 so far. He even admits they are not as advanced with animal medicine as we are. At least I'm educating him, but obviously at her expense. He has the Miami Ferret website to look at now, he may learn something from it.

The other is, yes indeed, there are vet services available on post (military ferret here). Vets in the military primary responsibility is to inspect the meat sold at the commissary (can you believe it), then I suppose treat the military police dogs. They are equiped to treat dogs and cats, the only pets apparently people are supposed to own. You can't even get emergency services on post for your pet. There is no one here in the Heideberg community who can do more for her than give shots. If you do get someone who is able to deal with ferrets, there is no guarantee they will be there when you need them. There were two vets here last year that could, they are now gone. We also don't live on post (thank goodness), so I don't know any other ferret owners to find out where they go.

I will be calling the other military community nearby and see if they have someone, then call the only emergency vet in Heidelberg and see if he has experience. At least his website says he attends conferences in the US, maybe he knows more.

At least you all have an idea what it's like here. Thanks for "listening".