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Date: 2004-02-29 20:47:11 UTC
Subject: Raja respiratory infection gets worse with chloramphenicol
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Hi everybody

We are doing such a big effort, but Raja is only getting worse and we are really
thinking about letting her go.

We brought her to the vet around 2 weeks ago, he found out Raja has a respiratory
infection (her nose was totally blocked and her eyes always closed and tearing) but
fortunately her lungs are free of fluids. No sign of cryptococosis.

She had around 5 days of injectable and 7 days of oral chloramphenicol.

But after all those medication she got worse, she does not open the eyes anymore,
does not stands up, starting losing movements at her front legs loses weight and
still snezzes a lot.

She is on pred 1ml every 48 hours, 1 mg of petprazol every 12 hours, and 2 drops
of phenobarbitol every 12 hours.

Her appetite is poor, but she drinks quite a lot.
On Wed we go for blood test and X ray.

I would be so glad of any idea about why my litte one is getting worse with so much

Dr. Sue , Dr Wilians Dr. Jerry, and all others I want to thank you for your care and
attention to Raja.

All the best to every human and ferret in this forum !!!

Paty, Pikku and sick Raja