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Date: 2004-03-04 18:08:23 UTC
Subject: RE: Ece now in Denmark:(
Message-ID: <>

ECE is not easily confirmed but Dr. Matti Kiupel (Veterinary Pahtologist, Michigan State University) who can do the tests for it has offered to test European samples before (in that case from the Netherlands where it was suspected), so if the actual tests have not been done then he should be contacted to find out if he can run samples and if so how he needs them shipped in this case.

This is a VERY HARD coronavirus to confirm for sure; the tests are very specifc.

It is entirely possible that it is in Europe; that isn't at all hard to imagine. I just have not heard personally of an actual confirmation nor read of any with the right testing unless this vet did exactly that, or unless the Dutch people followed through but forgot to let me know.