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From: Steve Austin
Date: 2004-03-15 01:36:55 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] does this sound like lymphoma (long post)
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> I've suggested this, the vet doesn't seem to think it will help, I
> planned to try it anyway, but just realized the Turkey babyfood I
> bought has cornstarch in it, so I need to find a different brand.

Gerber's second stage lamb, veal, turkey baby food , or Heinz turkey baby
is also fine, the corn starch is just a little used as a thickener,
it won't cause a problem.

Should I just go in cold or should I inform my current Vet
> and try to get Harley's x-ray and bloodwork sent to the second vet?

I would be honest with the vet, say that since he is young that you
don't want to let him go on the assumption of this being cancer without
a biopsy. The vet may be more than willing to do the biopsy, but
if the vet has not much experience with ferret surgery, you are better
off going elsewhere. At that point, you can ask the vet for copies
of the blood work and xrays so you can seek the second opinion.
If done with respect for the vet you currently have, I think the vet
may even help you find a 'specialist' or make a call and speak to
someone on your behalf.

Look up inflammatory bowel disease, and helicobacter, gastric ulcers
in the archives
and print the information to show your vet as possible other
causes of this problem. Think about ADV testing as well, just to cover
all bases.
Here is a good place to start

Patty K