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Date: 2004-03-29 16:11:32 UTC
Subject: RE: poor muscle tone
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Which toe? The most athletic one we ever had was missing one of her inner rear toes and she did fine. We had another who lacked most of one hand and his upper body strength was great since he loved to dig but he never was much of one for running except if urged.

Active play can be helpful. If he has trouble balancing on her rear legs put some treats along a ledge that he will have to stand to reach and play the fishing pole game. Some ferrets like the store bought ones with little jiggling mousies on teh end of the line, but we have found some of our's to prefer homemade - a sock stuffed with another sock (sometime with a bell or sometimes not) sewen through with the fishing line or string used to ties to a bamboo pole. A long tube to run through can be helpful. A digging box can be fun, too. So can a number of other games.

How did the ferret's medical exam and testing work out? It is always wish for anyone to have check-up before beginning an unusual level of exercise.

How extreme is his sacropenia (poor muscle tone and low muscularity)?