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Date: 2004-04-01 17:51:42 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] ADV
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Hi Lisa,

What it boils down to is if your ferret is actively shedding or just a carrier. What tests did you do? also, did you have urine, stool and blood samples tested to see if you have a shedder? Are your other ferrets tested? From your previous post, it didn't sound like you had done a specific test.


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From: Lisa Oestereich <>
> Question: I've just found out that one of my two ferrets has ADV.
> Shocking! Because ferrets are my pet of choice and I really
>> Has anyone on this list who has (had) ADV ever considered becoming an
> ADV mommy (or daddy)? It seems like there is a need with all
> those ADV