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Date: 2004-04-02 02:37:51 UTC
Subject: Biting
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I have a question...I have a baby girl..she is 11 weeks old...and she bites=
all the I dont know if this is a normal thing...she will lick =
our figers and then just BITE!..and has shook her head like a dog when biti=
ng us...she has also...tried to bite our faces...she doesnt care too much a=
bout being held...she is VERY active..when she is out of her cage she is ru=
nning and jumping and climbing and she does want to play..she loves to chas=
e you..but when you do try to pick her up..she has her mouth wide open..and=
trying to chew on you...I dont know what to do to try and teach her that b=
iting is not acceptible..I have put her in her cage when she does it...for =
a little while this didnt seem to bother her..she would just entertain hers=
elf..and play or she is put back in her cage for biting..=
.she will bite the cage door and shake it..but the biting has not slowed do=
wn..if anything seems to make her even worse the next time we get her=
out....If anyone has any suggestions for me....I would appreciate them....=
Thanks if advance..