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From: "Joanne D'Amico"
Date: 2004-04-02 15:22:53 UTC
Subject: Brain Tumors
To: "Ferret Health Digest" <>
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I don't like to disagree with with experts, but all mammals (if not all ani=
mals) CAN and do make glucose from sources other than starch - it is called=
gluconeogenesis ... and not just from fats (which are basically two or mor=
e carbs with a H20 removed from each carbohydrate before linking ,,,, but a=
lso from proteins (an amine is removed from an amino acid, leaving a C-H-O =
skeleton (carbohydrate) ....

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From: Marian <>
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My JoJo has been having seizures for the past couple of days. After all of the tests & X-rays that have been done since January the dr. has diagnosed him with a brain tumor. No, we have not done an MRI to verify it. He is on Valium (short term) right now to slow them down. The vet said she'd change it to Pheno Barbitol (sp?) if we needed to go long term. The question is...Has anyone heard of brain tumors in ferrets? Is it possible that he could have Epilepsy? I forgot to ask the vet about that, but am calling her today.
Thanks in advance for any responces.

Marian & her kids