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Date: 2004-04-02 16:31:56 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] sugar in Clavamox?
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The sugar in clavamox is for flavoring it, it is there but won't
cause a major problem at such a small dosing, plus what you did
to get her out of the hypoglycemic attack was give her more sugar-
so if sugar caused her attack then I would think the treatment would do the same. The stress of giving it coupled with the infection
is probably more the problem.

If you ferret is getting hypoglycemic, then she has insulinoma-
and needs to be treated for that if she isn't. That is usually
oral steroids- prednisone or prednisilone. The dose is adjusted
until the ferret is mostly without low blood sugars. ALso, adding
supplemental feedings of Bob's chicken gravy recipe, or meat baby food,
or just making sure ferret is on a low carb diet of good quality ferret
food. No added sugar snacks unless this is the last resort,sometimes
in tough cases it is needed to add a little sugar to prevent seizures or treat attacks ( starring, drooling episodes)

As far as the infection goes, I had good luck with clindamycin in a
bad tooth situation, if the clavamox is not working, although it sounds
like it is. Besides, clindamycin was just as hard to get the ferret to take. Baytril also is another one. Dental problems do take a little longer, and sometimes the tooth itself needs to be addressed before things will completely resolve.

If your ferret was so far only seen by the emergency vet for the infection, time to get her to the regular vet for management. SHe may need tooth cleaning, or further dental care. Insulinoma, if early on also can be treated by surgery once her other infection is cleared.

Good luck,

Patty K

-- wrote:
Hello everyone,

I am wondering if anyone knows, particularly any of the vets, does Clavamox have any sugar in it?

Today, about an hour after giving her the medicine, she got a hypoglycemic attack - a really bad one. It took almost 2 hours for me to get her back to normal.. with syringe feeding her little by little sugar water, then some watery food mixture.

Is this enough? The swelling *seems* to have come down somewhat, but I thought after 5 days it would have made it go away more than that... maybe the dosage is too small?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you.

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