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Date: 2004-04-03 23:13:15 UTC
Subject: More Helicobacter questions
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Is it common for a ferret with an outbreak to suddenly start showing symptoms?? My 5 year old, Floyd, started Tuesday with hind limb weakness. He was taken to the vet Thursday where blood panels ruled out insulinoma, liver or renal failure. His x-rays were fairly inconclusive; his stomach area was obscured. They did show an enourmous spleen, but his has always been a bit large. He's very weak, can't really use his back legs, and skinny. I'm trying to get some food into him, as well as water every half an hour to an hour. His belly is quite tender and there's what looks like bruising near his penis. Exploratory surgery is an option if he doesn't start to respond to medication(ammoxicillin and metronidazole) soon. Should we persue that option? When? When will he show signs that the meds are working? Any help is most appreciated, as Floyd's been extremely healthy until this, and Merlin(his 2yr old fuzzy buddy) and I would like to see him near or back to his wired weaselly self.

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