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Date: 2004-04-04 20:47:49 UTC
Subject: Ear flap Hematoma
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To update Moki and Capi recovered very well from their infections. After another fecal exam it was found that Moki had giardia which was successfully treated with flagyl. Now they are both eating good and having normal BM's and their energy levels are through the roof. But yesterday it was back to the vet for Capi because he had a swollen ear flap. He is not scratching at it or acting like it hurts even when it is touched. The vet said he had a hematoma probably from moki biting at his ear in play. It was inflated like a balloon and not lumpy like cauliflower ear. The vet drained 1/2cc of blood but said it would probably fill back up and would require surgery. It was swollen again within a few hours. In my research I found a website
That recommends (for cats) a cortisone shot and a 10 day course of medication before opting for surgery. Does anyone know if this has been tried on ferrets and if it is something I should ask my vet about? Thank you for your feedback.