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From: "Liz Tveite"
Date: 2004-04-05 00:53:04 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Biting
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Sounds like normal youngster behavior. The best way I found was to scruff
them and say a stern "NO". And sometimes a little blow of air into their
face. They are very smart and just need to know our skin isn't as thick as=

ferret skin. They are used to playing rough with litter mates. Instead of
using her cage for time out, use a small kennel. Put nothing in there for
her to do...just maybe a blanket. And leave her in for no more than 5
minutes at a time. Put the kennel where she can see other activity going
on. They hate to be left out of the action. She will learn in time if you=

are consistent.
Good Luck
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Sent: Thursday, April 01, 2004 9:37 PM

> I have a question...I have a baby girl..she is 11 weeks old...and she
bites all the I dont know if this is a normal thing...she will
lick our figers and then just BITE!..and has shook her head like a dog when=

biting us...she has also...tried to bite our faces...she doesnt care too
much about being held...she is VERY active..when she is out of her cage she=

is running and jumping and climbing and she does want to play..she loves to=

chase you..but when you do try to pick her up..she has her mouth wide
open..and trying to chew on you...I dont know what to do to try and teach
her that biting is not acceptible..I have put her in her cage when she does=

it...for a little while this didnt seem to bother her..she would just
entertain herself..and play or she is put back in her cag=
for biting...she will bite the cage door and shake it..but the biting has
not slowed down..if anything seems to make her even worse the next
time we get her out....If anyone has any suggestions for me....I would
appreciate them....Thanks if advance..
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