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From: Erynn Dalton
Date: 2004-04-05 17:22:37 UTC
Subject: 8 year old ferret- should I risk surgery?
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Hi all,

I have an 8 year old girl in relatively good health who receives monthly
Lupron shots (and has been for 2 years). She has grown a tumor in her
belly (it has gotten to a size big enough to see) which may be hindering
defecation (she whines a bit every time she goes). My vet has suggested
removing the tumor, but warns me that she is of a dangerous age for
surgery. On one hand, I believe I should have the tumor removed,
especially since she is in good health right now and I don't want her to
be in pain, but on the other hand, she is at a much higher risk to pass
away from the operation due to her advanced age. Do I take my chances
and try to have the tumor removed to make her more comfortable, or do I
leave the tumor alone?

I would greatly appreciate any advice!