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Date: 2004-04-08 00:32:02 UTC
Subject: cystic vulva
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Hello, I have a 4 yr FS ferret, who had insulinoma sx in July and her right adrenal removed in Dec of '03. Her swollen vulva had been the only sign of adrenal disease other than her not growing her fur back after a small mass was removed. Her vulva shrunk very minimally post sx, then growing very large again in Jan. My vet didn't want to open her up B/C he just had, so I gave her a lupron inj. Once again, it shrunk minimally. I had a vet at work look at her vulva a few weeks ago( I am a vet tech), who said it looked like a cyst and sure enough, she got 1.5 ml of clear liquid off it. It swelled again, so last week she lanced it with a scalpel, but it has since swelled again.
I have had minimal success finding info. about this and we are unsure if cutting a "window" into her vulva to help with drainage is the right thing to do. Any pointers or suggestions would be great! Thanx jen and sasja ps I am currently treating her for helicobacter with carafate.

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