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Date: 2004-04-09 17:14:07 UTC
Subject: Hypoglycemia long term
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I have a few questions as to what to expect in a ferret that has gone from =
using pred to using glucouse to treat hypoglycemia. I have an 7+ yr old fer=
ret and the Vet doesn't think he would make it through another sugery (he h=
as had 5 in his short life) What can I expect to take place over the next f=
ew months? How will Koda act? We have gone to using the glucouse because th=
e pred was no longer working at all. We give him a dose of the glucose ever=
y morning, and more as needed to treat systoms through out the day. He has =
started to lose weight and fur. After his last surgery his fur on his stoma=
ch never grew back but now he is losing fur on his back and tail. Is all th=
is normal for the later stages fo hypoglycemia. Is it going to get a lot wo=
rse? or will it stay about the same? We have lost 2 ferrets already this ye=
ar and it has been so hard watching Koda go down hill too. I just really ne=
ed to get my self ready for whats going to happen. I don't want to be caugh=
t of guard. Any thoughts would be helpful. =

Thank you