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Date: 2004-04-13 23:39:10 UTC
Subject: Paxie, Sore Mouth? (Was "Psychological or Physical?")
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I'm beginning to wonder if something is up with Paxie's mouth after all. Saturday after the litter box fiasco we noticed little red spots along the edge of her lower lip. Sunday was when we noticed she wasn't eating much, as well as refusing both ferretone and her hard peanut butter flavored ferret treats, quite unusual for her. By today, Tuesday, she is happily licking ferretone and ferretvite and laxatone, but still no dry Marshall's or the peanut butter treats. Has anyone had an experience where their ferret's mouth was sore for any reason and the ferret wouldn't eat hard food? This still wouldn't explain the disinterest in water, although this evening she drank quite a bit for dad and was playing around at maybe 80-90% capacity.