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From: "shen10"
Date: 2004-04-13 23:53:34 UTC
Subject: dribbling urine
To: <>
Message-ID: <002701c421b3$dd5711b0$6166ba8c@alpert>

Hi folks.
My 7 year old neutered male ferret has been dribbling urine for several wee=
ks - we find a line of dribbles along the floor as tho he was walking and u=
naware that he was peeing as he went. Sometimes there is also a small pudd=
le in such a wrong place that it seemed he might not have realized he was c=
aught unawares.

Vet did a urinalysis and didn't find anything significant. He said there w=
as a small amount of crystals in the urine but he wouldnt assume a bladder =
stone based on that.

The ferret seems healthy otherwise. He is active and cheerful etc.

I looked back at your archives and the only references i found to dribbling=
urine seemed to refer to it as a secondary (or tertiary) symptom in adrena=
l disease. At this point we see no other signs of adrenal problems.

I would greatly appreciate any comments.