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From: Caitlyn Martin
Date: 2004-04-14 18:12:41 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] Re: Adrenal/Urinary symptoms
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Hi, Sukie, and everyone else,
> We also were in that position; we had a male with no
> symptoms till he blocked one day. His urine was
> removed fromhis swollen bladder by vet and he had
> emergency surgery for the adrenal which was
> curative.

It took us probably six months to discover that
Pertwee was adrenal. He didn't have urinary problems.
His one and only obvious symptom was weight loss. He
was such a perpetually wired and playful weasel that
aggressiveness is not something we would have noticed
-- he always started wrestling matches. By the time
hair loss started and we opted for surgery he had a
large adrenal carcinoma. Oh, and he was not quite a
year and a half old at the time he had surgery.

The bottom line seems to be that ferrets can show all
the symptoms of adrenal disease or sometimes only one
symptom. Romana, for example, NEVER lost any hair.
She had adrenal surgery at age three.

All the best,
Caity and the non-stop six

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