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Date: 2004-04-15 04:30:59 UTC
Subject: Feeding finicky ferrets (Was "RE: UTI? Was "Re: Paxie,Sore Mouth?")
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Hah, Paxie will have none of the a/d diet. We once again made a 2 to 1 Mars=
hall's and water soup with a splash of ferretvite and ferretone. I might ad=
d just a touch of the a/d in tomorrow's mix. We put it in the syringe and d=
ip the tip into straight ferretone, which is also what we're doing with the=
clavamox. She has now had two clavamox doses today and this evening manage=
d to eat two servings of about 4 cc's of "soup" each. She has also drunk on=
her own a few mouthfuls of water three times this evening and licked a lit=
tle from our fingers. She still fights when we try to dose her or feed her,=
unless we ferretone the tip.

Something I forgot to add to my last post, she did not have a fever at the =

In general, she is still very interested in sleeping, her breathing seems t=
o come a little easier, probably just in my head. She has managed a good si=
ze amount of light yellow urine, guessing this is from the sub-q fluids thi=
s morning, and one normal, firm stool, not usual amount but matching the am=
ount of food she's taken in. =

She has quite a bit of fight all things considered and after eating or waki=
ng up from a recent feeding is interested in exploring as usual, just a lit=
tle slower. She still gets bored quickly and digs in frustration. She is st=
ill relatively weak. Don't get me wrong, my arms are covered in ferret love=
marks, but she is not at her normal strength. =

I wish I had insisted to all the vets I tried on Tuesday that I'd rather no=
t wait till the ferret person came in. Could have gotten her fluids sooner =
and possibly the urinalysis. But, it wasn't the vets I was talking to, prob=
ably receptionists. =

One interesting note, her relationship with NikkoBear. They've known each o=
ther for about one and a half years now. The gradually continue to behave b=
etter with each other, they can play together for maybe fifteen to twenty m=
inutes before Bear starts to get too rough with Paxie. Anyway, this evening=
I walked around the house with Paxie to find out where she wanted to sleep=
. She started out in the bedroom with us but after an hour or so woke up an=
d I brought her to her room. She walked around and went to the cage where B=
ear was sleeping in the bottom section. Paxie walked right in and snuggled =
up in bed with him, and he started grooming her. I allowed this to continue=
, wanting always to encourage grooming behavior between them. When he start=
ed to get the slightest bit rough (enthusiastic about cleaning her? =3D) I =
took him away and she immediately rolled back and forth waving her front pa=
ws in the air like she does when she wants whatever you took away from her =
and is trying to be cutesy. Well, enough ear chewing. Tomorrow is another =

Maureen, Paxie, and NikkoBear