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Date: 2004-04-15 17:49:12 UTC
Subject: Metallic smelling poop
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I've read every website I could find, contacted Marshall's because my ferrets are still under the health garuntee thing and looked through this list and still can't find anything on this.

I have two baby ferrets about 10 weeks old (Chewy-male, and Sonic-female). Both eat only Marshall's Premium Ferret Diet (no extra treats) and I make sure they have clean water. I've been using Bi-odor in their water and occaisionally in their food to try to get rid of this smell but it's not working.

They have no problem pooping and the poop looks normal however Chewy's poop has this overwhelming smell of metal (kind of like copper) Sonic's smells a little but no where near as bad as Chewy's. It doesn't smell once it dries, only right after he goes. I initially thought it was the urine, but that has been ruled out. They also seem to be in perfect health as far as sleeping, eating, playing although Chewy appears to have difficulty hearing. The vet didn't draw blood but said everything seems normal.

Any suggestions?