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Date: 2004-04-16 15:00:24 UTC
Subject: RE: Feeding finicky ferrets (Was "RE: UTI? Was "Re: Paxie,Sore Mouth?")
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I am not a Vet, just have two ferrets of my own.

Paxie may have developed an ulcer (in addition to a UTI or whatever). The frantic digging could be a sign of pain, is she pawing at her face or grinding her teeth? Ulcers can sometimes be a result of stress, such as the abrupt food switch and the ear cleaning coupled with NikkoBear's occasional bullying.

My Harley (male, 3 yrs. old) has been having intermittent problems with infection since last December, which we think we have finally traced to infected anal gland remnants that need to be removed, but along the way he developed an ulcer, which we treated with sucralfate for 8+ weeks. We were able to stop the sucralfate (Carafet) and he was doing fine until I had to give him Baytril, which he fought. It only took two days (of fighting a once daily dose of Baytril liquid) for most of the ulcer signs (not eating, lethargy, teeth grinding) to reappear, so he is back on the sucralfate, and improving rapidly (eating, playing and not grinding).