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Date: 2004-04-17 12:34:51 UTC
Subject: Feifals growth on his nose- anyone w/shared experience or vets--please help
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I just wanted to let everyone know that we took Feifal to the vet a few days
ago and had that nasty, crusty, purple growth removed from his nose. We would
have done it sooner but the vet insisted it was nothing to worry about when
he last saw it and when it was smaller. Anyway, he cortirised it (sp??) and
had to give him a couple of stitches and sent us home with antibiotics...the
cost was about $300 dollars or so and my husband didn't want to pay another $100
for the biopsy--things are kinda tight right now---but im worried and thinking
i should have convinced him to do the biopsy---the vet and others on this
forum have said the growths are usually benign...can anybody with this experience
or the vets comment on benign versus malignant/cancerous???? how do i know
its not cancer what should i be looking out for??



special thanks to Mike for responding to my first e-mail.