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From: "kbah"
Date: 2004-04-17 13:13:35 UTC
Subject: Tumour on spleen
To: "ferret health group" <>
Message-ID: <004201c4247e$9b72fca0$595d81c3@telco4u>

Hi =

My name is Kerry and I am new to the group. I wondered if anyone has had a=
similar experience to me and could give advice as to what course of action=
to take now.

I have a castrated hob who had a large tumour on his spleen (between the si=
ze of a tennis ball and a golf ball). The tumour and the spleen were remov=
ed at the end of February. After the operation he recovered brilliantly a=
nd was like young ferret, gambling and playing again. =

Unfortunately, it now feels as though he is retaining fluid in his abdomen.=
When the vet operated he had a look for secondaries but could find none a=
nd everything appeared to be OK. I know that the fluid retention can be a =
bad sign and I am obviously worried that secondaries have developed. Has a=
nyone dealt with a situation like this? I would be really grateful for any=
input. He will be going to the vets again this week and I would like to b=
e well informed before I go, so that I can make the best decision for his f=
uture. I would hate for him to be suffering and for me to prolong it.
Thanks for your help