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Date: 2004-04-17 18:56:54 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] Tumour on spleen
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It may help to know what the pathology on the spleen was.
I have had two ferrets with their spleens removed during
surgery because of a nodule or growth on it.
The first one ended up just being something called
"extramedullary hematopoeisis" something like that, basically
a benign condition.

THe second ferret was just last week, unfortunately his
was lymphosarcoma, severe dysplasia. He has a poor prognosis,
I am sure if the spleen was involved it is likely so are his
lymph nodes, although those were not biopsied since they
appreared ok at time of surgery. His adrenal gland was fine,
and his pancreas appeared normal.
He is doing great so far, but as you can see the prognosis
was much different in just those two cases.
In the second case chemotherapy is an option, although
even with chemo the chances of remission are slim. Again,
this may depend on the location and the grade of the tumor


I have a castrated hob who had a large tumour on his spleen (between the size of a
tennis ball and a golf ball). The tumour and the spleen were removed at the end of
February. After the operation he recovered brilliantly and was like young ferret,
gambling and playing again.

Thanks for your help