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Date: 2004-04-17 20:04:20 UTC
Subject: Long Post Re: Gastric ulcers
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Thanks for the reply Jerry.

We went to another vet today who treats exotics. Pax slowed down her drinking again and I wanted fluids. We managed to collect a stool sample to take with, no blood. Stools are still normal in appearance, except a bit soft. She still eats with us and is eating more, but little to no drinking. Her weight is up from a little more than a pound to a little more than two pounds. Today's vet suspects either a partial blockage or insuloma, but she suspects insuloma less. She also said it could be she's still recovering from her uti and got dehydrated to the point where she didn't want to drink more.

Her blood results:
hemoglobin 17.0
hematocrit 50.2
wbc 7.6
rbc 9.83
mcv 51
mch 17.3
mchc 33.9
platelet count 495
platelet est adequate
absolute neut 5700, 75%
absolute bands 0, 0%
absolute lymphs 1292, 17%
absolute mono 380, 5%
absolute eos 152, 2%
absolute baso 76, 1%

glucose 114
urea nitrogen 19
creatinine 0.4
total protein 5.6
albumin 3.4
bili, total
alk phos 13 (L) (15-45)
alt (sgpt) 107
ast (sgot) 49 (L) (50-280)
chol 160
Ca 9.2
phos 5.4
sodium 151
potassium 4.1 (L) (4.3-5.8)
chloride 110
a/g 1.5
BUN/Creat 48
glob 2.2 (L) (2.9-4.9)
lipase 1240
amylase 25
trigly 66
cpk 63
ggtp 5
magnesium 2.8
osmolal, calc 302

her urinalysis results:
negative for glucose, bilirubin, ketones
blood 3+
pH 7
protein 100
negative for urobilinogen, nitrite, leukocytes
spec gravity 1.055

Today Pax received metacortin/pred acetate (a low dose, but I do not have exact amounts in paperwork) and 60 ml sub-q. I've been instructed to continue Clavamox doses (amoxicillin trihydrate/clavulanate potassium), 31 mg every 12 hours. to continue feeding her every 3-4 hours with whatever of her normal diet that she'll eat, including ferretone, in spite of the vitamin A content. The oil contains water and calories, and right now that's what we need. We'll go back on Monday for more fluids if she doesn't start drinking. Our routine right now, she sleeps for 2-4 hours, when she wakes up or if not awake after 4 hours I wake her up and feed her, then she gets extremely active, wants to go explore, dig up stuff, then after about 30 to 60 min of this will find a place to sleep for the next few hours.

Waiting to see,
Maureen, Pax, and NikkoBear

Author wrote:
> Hi Maureen,
> Sorry there is no an easy test for gastric ulcers.
> Signs of nausea, pawing at the mouth, anorexia, and
> black tarry stools are the common signs.
> But black tarry stools are not always present.
> Illness, surgery, new ferrets introduced into a group,
> and food changes can cause the stress that can cause
> an ulcer. Older ferrets, recently rescued ferrets, and insulinoma
> ferrets (that are on Pediapred) are also at risk for ulcers.
> The fecal occult blood test is just not an accurate
> test.
> A small endoscope can verify gastric ulcers in most
> cases, but that is not necessary most of the time.
> Hope that helps,
> Jerry Murray, DVM