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Date: 2004-04-17 20:48:11 UTC
Subject: peter is way under weight with soup & ferretvite need more ideas
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last month peter & clara both weighed in at at 2 pounds. today peter is only 2 pounds 1 ounce and clara is now 2pounds 14 ounces. they have 4 food bowls in 2 small rooms. clara will eat anything but peter won't touch hardly anything. he picks out the iams kitten and leaves the totally ferret alone. the only treats he will eat is cheerios. i force feed him extra food in duck soup but that is forcing him. i do that 3 times a day plus give him as much ferretvite as he will take willingly twice a day. where as clara i have cut out treats except for thunderstorms and have only had one of them so far. clara is gainning and peter is barely holding even with the extra's. need more ideas before he wastes away to nothing with lots of food around. other then the weight both are healthy. they was at the vets today for the last round of yearly boosters & heart worm.