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Date: 2004-04-18 00:59:10 UTC
Subject: RE: peter is way under weight with soup & ferretvite need more ideas
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Does the vet feel that he is underweight? Granted, two pounds is small for a male (and three is large for a female) but I have seen each in situations where the weights were inappropriate and in situations where the weight was fine. If the vet doesn't think that there is a cause for concern and the ferrets are very active and happy then relax.

If the vet feels that weights are inappropriate then our experience with desired weight loss is that more activity and restricted feedings some times of the day will work over time. For weight gain, instead of making food a stressful thing make treat time a happy together time: sing and talk to the ferret, be patient, feed things like meat baby foods or a/d from your fingers slowly and patiently instead of force feeding. Heat the food so it is more aromatic. If food becomes associated with being uncomfortable then he'll eat less and you don't want that.

You can ask the vet about getting a prescription of Carafate in case he does have stomach pain from ulcers. The liquid version is available from pretty much any pharmacy.

If none of that works (and be patient with it) then see about a possible temporary prescription for a steroid to up the appetitie if the vet thinks that there is a weight problem.