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From: "Roger Vaughn"
Date: 2004-04-18 01:18:11 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] Feifals growth on his nose- anyone w/shared experience or vets--please help
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We've dealt with a collagenous nevus and a hemangioma on muzzles (two
different ones) before. Of course we only know that because we did
have them biopsied. If money is tight though, don't feel guilty for
skipping it. I personally like the assurance of knowing what we're
dealing with, but if it's a choice between biopsy and eating....well,
you gotta eat.

Both of the conditions we had were benign. Your description doesn't
match a collagenous nevus (basically a little bubble of collagen), but
it might well have been a hemangioma. One of our boys had one of
those that kept weeping blood, so it was crusty like Feifal's, and
like Fiefal's it grew slowly.

Unfortunately we won't be able to tell from a verbal description alone
exactly what it was, or whether it was benign or malignant. Only a
biopsy is going to be able to tell that. But, even if it was
malignant, if your vet got a good clean removal, you may not have to
worry about it again. (A biopsy will check for clean margins - a
complete removal - as well.)