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From: "Inge Kokidko"
Date: 2004-04-18 03:45:38 UTC
Subject: blood blister
To: <>
Message-ID: <005101c424f7$9d8556e0$4a4dfea9@ingekokidko>

My little Leasle got a little bit roudy (as ferrets often do) when playing =
the other night. She bumped her head against a chair, and scraped the skin=
next to her ear. A few days later, I noticed a brown bump there. I took =
Leasle to the vet, and found out that it was a blood blister (I felt dumb!)=
. He cleaned it off, and it looked like she had new pink skin underneath. =
The next day, the blood blister was back. Not as big, but it was still ba=
ck. I thought this was strange...

It is now dried, flaking off, and mostly gone. But, I was wondering if thi=
s could possibly be a sign of some sort of blood problem? Do ferrets often=
get blood blisters when they're injured? Hopefully someone with a bit mor=
e knowledge on this can help me out! Thanks!


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