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Date: 2004-04-18 06:01:54 UTC
Subject: Paxie Update
Message-ID: <>

Just got the little ones off to bed for another day. Paxie is now at the point where she will gladly lick food from your finger so long as it's been dipped in and tastes like ferretone. She has managed 25 cc's today of her food mash along with quite a bit of ferretone. More so ferretone this morning and gradually eating more mash with each feeding. Still no drinking on her own, vet said not to expect her to drink today with all the sub-q fluids. Again, if no drinking tomorrow (Sunday) we will be back at the vet for more fluids Monday. Her stool, which had been normal if a bit soft till now has been twice this pea green color and kinda icky, I don't know if this is something new to be concerned with or simply the ferretone, we'll see what the morning's looks like after having two good mash feedings in her.

Maureen, Paxie, and NikkoBear