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Date: 2004-04-18 14:30:43 UTC
Subject: RE: re : peter and his wieght problem.
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Author wrote:
> he still is 2
> ounces under the weight when we got him little over a year ago. will feeding him
> just staight iams kitten be bad or harmful . it's the only thing he eats on his own!

I'm not a vet, just my opinion, but I would certainly let him eat all the iam kitten he will eat, temporarily. Do you have any idea what he was eating before you got him? Switching food can sometimes be a VERY slow process. I've been trying to switch my two to totally ferret, for several months. They will take totally ferret if it is offered as a treat, and they will eat it if they find a few bits in with their regular food, but if I put a bowlful in the cage, they nibble at it but they won't make a meal off of it. So I keep putting a few bits in with their regular food, gradually increasing the ratio of totally ferret to regular.

One other thing, you probably know this, but I'll suggest it anyway. Sometimes they'll take something off your finger when they won't take it off a spoon or a syringe. I don't know if this matters, but I always use a plastic spoon. Also, sometimes you do have to force the first taste.